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Trekking Equipment List:

– Good walking boots and socks
– Sleeping bag (3-4 season); plus thermal liner in winter
– Lightweight fleece and waterproof outers (summer)
– Layers, windproof jacket, hat, gloves (autumn-late spring)
– Thermal underwear (autumn through late spring)
– Goggles (winter) and sunglasses (summer)
– Walking stick (useful)
– Personal items e.g. towel, sunscreen, wipes, toilet tissues
– Small First Aid Kit including insect repellent, plasters, meds
– Small rubbish bag to carry out what you carry in
– Matches e.g. burn toilet paper
– Day sack/backpack
– Water bottle or camel back (recommended)
– Water purification e.g. iodine
– Torch/Flashlight and spare batteries e.g. head torch
– Penknife (useful)
– Trail snacks
– Zip-Up bags for camera etc.